Our Services: Reliable and Customized

FULLEN'S EXCAVATING LLC offers professional and reliable services, custom-tailored to meet your specific needs. We offer in-depth consultations to understand your goals and current situation, as well as to craft a long-term solution that is right for you.

We provide the following services:

  • Septic system design and installation.  Being class II installers allows us to design special septic system for those especially tough areas.  We also diagnose and repair failing systems.
    • Conventional chambered septic systems
    • Eljen systems
    • Singular Green Bio-Kinetic Wastewater Treatment Systems

  • New home site preparation, commercial site work, drainage and grading work.


  • We open and close burial sites for area funeral homes.  When we leave the final resting place, we take the upmost care to leave the area as it looked prior to the burial.  We understand how difficult this time is for family and friends and we try to make our part as easy on the loved ones as possible.


We would be happy to provide you with more details about our company and what we can do for you. Contact us at 304 772-5381 or use our contact form.

We are Class II Septic Installers
in WV!

Your Certified Dealer of Singular Green Bio-Kinetic Wastewater Treatment Systems, Bio-Sanitizer and Bio-Neutralizer Systems


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132 Knobs Rd.

Union, WV 24983


(304) 772-5381 or (304) 646-8436



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Our office is open during the following hours:

8:00am - 4:00pm, Monday- Friday

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New Years day, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.



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